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About Patrick & Daren

The idea has always been to help those plagued with hair loss problems. Restoring youthful looks and confidence lost. Patrick & Daren Hair Loss Solution is formulated by a group of highly dedicated researchers based in the UK (United Kingdom). 10 years of extensive research and testing has lead us to possibly the perfect formula. Focusing on alternative methods and attaining immediate results, instead of costly remedies with no guaranteed lasting results.

In the summer of 2012, our research team experienced a breakthrough. A plant was discovered in the deserts of North Africa that had properties bearing similarities with natural human hair fiber and December 2014, Patrick & Daren was established.

What Is It?

Why It Is Superior?

Patrick & Daren Hair Loss Solution is a natural hair fiber made from a plant that originates from the deserts of North Africa.It is the only plant source that mimics the fiber in human hair. This is further supported by a negative electrical charge property found in the plant.

Since human hair is positively charged, the fibers negative charge attracts, causing them to merge with your natural hair forming a thicker and fuller head of hair.

Did you know the most similar product on the market uses sheep wool as their main ingredient? Wool feels similar to human hair, however, it is because of these similarities that result in a more inferior outcome. Why inferior?

Wool is akin to hair growing on the human scalp and they both carry positive electrical charges. With 2 positively charged properties, the end result is unnatural, with the wool and human hair repelling each other. This results in major falling of the hair fibre.


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Do You Qualify?

32g bottles

Available Exclusively flag

at salons islandwide

How To Apply?

Step 1

Apply Hair Building Fibers over thinning areas

Remove the cap and postion bottle over your head, holding it a 45-degree angle.Gently tap the fibre over your hair until the thinning areas are no longer visible and you are satisfied with the fullness and volume of your hair

Step 2

Pat the hair fibres into your hair

Gently pat the fiber to blend them into your natural hair. Doing this will make the Hair Building Fibres completely undetectable

Step 3

(Optional) Hair Locking Spray

Just use a little bit of Hair Locking Spray for added control. If you need to remove hair fibers from your hair, just wash the product out with shampoo. It is really that easy.


Available Colors:

Dark Brown
Medium Brown
Light Brown

Free Delivery Within Singapore

25g / up to 75 days supply

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Patrick & Daren Hair Loss Solution help with your thinning hair problem?

While we might not have a permanent solution for your thinning hair problem, our instant hair fiber can help to regain back confidence level in customers. Patrick & Daren Hair Loss Solution applies simple science logic. With the use of natural plant with negative electrical charge properties, it bonds well with the positive electrical charge from human hair. The end result is a head full of natural looking hair.

Does Patrick & Daren Hair Loss Solution clog pores?

Our product does not clog pores as it is process into very fine strands of fiber, not the usual powder form as seen on the market.

What happens when I sweat?

Our product is sweat proof with the correct way of application. We have done our research on tons of customers. It stays on their scalp even after exercises, joggings and other outdoor activities which involve a lot of sweat.

Do we have to wash our hair everyday?

It is in our human body to secrete oil over a period of time, especially in tropical country like Singapore. An oily scalp is equivalent to an itchy scalp. We strongly recommend our customers to wash their hair every night after using our hair fiber in the day.

Does Patrick & Daren Hair Loss Solution stain clothes?

No. It can easily be dusted off.

How long does it last?

Our product will last until you wash it off with shampoo. We recommend that you wash your hair every night after every application.


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