Hair loss isn’t designated strictly to men, although that is what we have come to think. Unfortunately for women, hair loss is an equal opportunity condition that can affect virtually anyone. In fact, the average person loses 100 hairs each day as a part of the natural cycle. However, it’s the excess hair loss that can be particularly distressing. So distressing that $3.5 billion is spent on hair loss treatment

Heredity plays a major role in hair loss for both men and women. While there are hair loss remedies in Singapore, many just don’t make the cut. That’s because most of these so-called remedies don’t actually work. Sure, you can wear a wig but most of the time you’re not fooling anybody. When you wear a wig, people know you’re wearing one. Let’s not even get started with prescription medications

Hair loss can be both embarrassing and devastating to a woman. No one wants to lose hair, but the stigma that women are supposed to have a full, long healthy head of hair is strong. Most people believe that baldness only happens to men. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Women suffer from hair loss just like men. There isn’t a shortage of hair loss remedies available to women or articles


Jul 2015

Hair Loss In Men

Thinning hair has always left men feeling insecure about their looks. There never really were good options when it came to hair loss in men. You either lived with it, shaved the rest off, wore a toupee, or even tried medications like Rogaine to regrow hair. Let’s face it, none of these options are ideal or true long-term solutions. No one looks good in a toupee and medications are certainly