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Change your live forever with as little as USD28. Distributed to over 150 hair salons in Singapore alone. Direct Distributor stand to earn up to USD140 for every USD280 package sold. Tested and Proven in the UK, US, Europe, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.. Read more to find out.

To qualify for Direct Distributor, for the 1st 10 packages sold, YOU will received 5% commission each.

11th sales onwards, YOU are entitled to 30% bonus for every NEW sales and 5% commission.

Example : 11th sales onwards, you are entitle to 30% bonus for new sales and 5% commission.

10 set of 10g Patrick & Daren Hair Loss Solution worth USD280

USD280 x 30% Bonus x 5% sales commission = USD98 bonus and sales commission to YOU

*Close 2 sales package within first week of joining and YOU enjoy 30% bonus on the 3rd sales onwards!
Limited time period ONLY!

– Upgrade automatically to Premium Distributor with 50 packages sold. Enjoy 35% Bonus and 5%

– Upgrade automatically to Gold Distributor with 100 packages sold. Enjoy 40% bonus and 5%

– Upgrade automatically to Partnership with 200 packages sold. Enjoy 45% bonus and 5% commission.

Bonus on top of Bonus
If your customers introduce friends to purchase, you stand to enjoy a further 5% over-riding commission.

Example, you sell to A. A introduce B to buy. You earn 5% more when B purchase.

Limited to the first 50 Direct Distributors ONLY.