Hair loss can be both embarrassing and devastating to a woman. No one wants to lose hair, but the stigma that women are supposed to have a full, long healthy head of hair is strong. Most people believe that baldness only happens to men. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Women suffer from hair loss just like men.

There isn’t a shortage of hair loss remedies available to women or articles that tell females how to prevent hair loss. Most remedies and articles are rarely effective. They just don’t get to the root of the problem. Some solutions out there include putting chemicals on your scalp, taking medications, and even wearing a wig. These are hardly long-term term solutions, no one wants to take medications for hair growth or put harmful chemicals on their scalp. At times, wigs can look natural but most often, it just looks fake.

How to Make Hair Thicker

So what are women doing to have the appearance of a full and thick head of hair? More and more women are turning to the Patrick & Daren Hair Loss Solution. It’s the all-natural and best hair loss remedy.

The Patrick & Daren research team experienced a breakthrough. A plant was discovered in the deserts of Northern Africa that had properties bearing similarities with natural human hair fiber.

It is the only plant source that mimics the fiber in human hair. This is further supported by a negative electrical charge property found in the plant.

Since human hair is positively charged, the fibers negative charge attracts, causing them to merge with your natural hair forming a thicker and fuller head of hair. Others have tried to mimic the Patrick & Daren Hair Loss Solution by using sheep wool as their main ingredient. While wool feels similar to human hair, it is an inferior product. Wool is akin to hair growing on the human scalp, both carry positive electrical charges. With two positively charged properties, the end result is unnatural. Unlike our fiber, wool and human hair repel each other. This results in the wool easily falling out of your natural hair. This can result in even more embarrassment than not having hair in the first place.

The Best Hair Treatment

The Patrick & Daren Hair Loss Solution is a relatively new technology that bonds specific plant fibers to each strand of hair. It hides the thinning areas, giving the appearance of a thicker and fuller head of hair.

Each fiber is dyed to a specific color so it will match all hair colors. They are then cut into small particles and placed into a container. Application of the fibers is easy. All you need to do is use the shaker container and gently apply the fibers to the area that needs covered. Pat the fibers into place and you will have the appearance of a full, healthy head of hair. No one will be able to tell that it isn’t your natural hair.

While this may not be a long-lasting solution to hair loss, it is certainly the best cosmetic answer. Apply the fibers each morning and simply wash them out in the evening. Since it is statically charged, you won’t have to worry about the particles falling out throughout the day. To ensure the fibers stay in place, you can always apply hair spray or gel.

Women, you no longer have to feel embarrassed about your hair loss situation.  With the Patrick & Daren Hair Loss Solution, you will feel confident with a thick head of hair. You’ve tried the other options, it’s time to pick the best option. Order online now at

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