Heredity plays a major role in hair loss for both men and women. While there are hair loss remedies in Singapore, many just don’t make the cut. That’s because most of these so-called remedies don’t actually work. Sure, you can wear a wig but most of the time you’re not fooling anybody. When you wear a wig, people know you’re wearing one. Let’s not even get started with prescription medications that rarely, if ever actually grow hair.

There’s no stopping heredity. If you have a receding hairline, it’s going to continue to recede. Unfortunately, it’s not only heredity that you have to worry about. There are other factors that come into play. Some of these factors include stress, hormones, prescription medications, and even malnutrition.

Stress: It can play a major part in hair loss. Stress can push large numbers of hair follicles into a resting phase. This can cause hair to fall out when combing or washing. Stress can also create disorder in your body. In some cases your immune system will attack hair follicles causing hair loss.

Hormones: Studies show that after giving birth, reaching menopause or experiencing other hormonal imbalances, it’s not uncommon for women to start losing hair.

Medications: There are many different types of medications that can cause hair loss. Some of these medications include cures for acne, antibiotics, antidepressants, contraceptives, and blood thinners to name a few.

Malnutrition: Hair is made of keratin, a type of protein. Studies show that a poor diet can lead to hair loss. While there are some very good shampoos and vitamins for hair loss, they don’t always get to the root of the problem. Eating healthy foods can help defeat hair loss.

If you’re still looking for hair loss remedies in Singapore, here is one that actually works! It’s so powerful in fact that no one will be able to tell that it isn’t your natural, flowing hair. This one of a kind product is call Patrick & Darin Hair Loss Solution. It’s the only hair loss solution in Singapore that is 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. What is this special solution? It’s the all-natural and best hair loss remedy.

The Patrick & Daren research team experienced a breakthrough. A plant was discovered in the deserts of Northern Africa that had properties bearing similarities with natural human hair fiber. It is the only plant source that mimics the fiber in human hair. This is further supported by a negative electrical charge property found in the plant.

Since human hair is positively charged, the fibers negative charge attracts, causing them to merge with your natural hair forming a thicker and fuller head of hair. Others have tried to mimic the Patrick & Daren Hair Loss Solution by using sheep wool as their main ingredient. While wool feels similar to human hair, it is an inferior product. Wool is akin to hair growing on the human scalp, both carry positive electrical charges. With two positively charged properties, the end result is unnatural. Unlike our fiber, wool and human hair repel each other. This results in the wool easily falling out of your natural hair. This can result in even more embarrassment than not having hair in the first place.

So forget about the embarrassing alternatives and go with the proven winner. Patrick & Daren Hair Loss Solution defeats all of the other hair loss remedies in Singapore in quality and customer satisfaction. Go to our website and order now!

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