Hair loss isn’t designated strictly to men, although that is what we have come to think. Unfortunately for women, hair loss is an equal opportunity condition that can affect virtually anyone. In fact, the average person loses 100 hairs each day as a part of the natural cycle. However, it’s the excess hair loss that can be particularly distressing. So distressing that $3.5 billion is spent on hair loss treatment in Singapore to combat hair loss.

While heredity is the number one factor to hair loss there are a variety of reasons people lose hair. Some of these factors include:

Hair Styles and Treatments: Harsh hairstyles that frequently use rubber bands and barrettes are a detriment to the scalp. That is because the constant pulling can inflame, and in some cases scar hair follicles. The incorrect use of chemicals such as dyes and bleaches can cause significant damage that can result in permanent hair loss.

Hormones: This most commonly occurs in women when there is an imbalance. This imbalance happens with birth control pills, pregnancy, and menopause to name a few. All of these can aide in hair loss. The reason for this is that the hormones cause follicles to enter a dormant phase. The result can be significant hair loss.

Illness and Surgery: The constant stress from a surgery or an illness can have an effect on your body that results in hair loss. There are other conditions such as an iron deficiency, thyroid disorder and severe infections that can trigger hair loss as well.

Medications : Cancer patients that undergo chemotherapy often lose their hair because the medicine attacks hair follicles. Other medications whose side effects include hair loss include  high blood pressure and gout treatments. It is well known that a high level of vitamin A is also contributor to hair loss

Hair Treatment

There are many hair loss remedies that claim to show you how to grow hair faster and how to make hair thicker. What many hair loss companies fail to say is that most of their remedies include expensive treatments such as a hair transplant. Other hair treatments that have recently gained popularity include the following:

Wigs and Hair Weaves: These are typically expensive treatments that completely cover the head and in some cases add to existing hair. These are most practical for cancer patients whose hair loss is temporary.

Creams and Lotions: In some cases topical creams and lotions can restore some hair growth when applied directly to the scalp. It can take up to six month to see if these medications are the right solution for you.

Anti-inflammatory Medications: These type of medications are steroid-based creams and injections. They are used to calm follicles damaged or inflamed by harsh chemicals or excessive pulling.

The Best Hair Loss Treatment Singapore

So what is the best hair loss treatment? It’s one that actually works. One that’s so powerful in that no one will be able to tell that it isn’t your natural hair. This one of a kind product is called Patrick & Darin Hair Loss Solution. It’s the only hair loss solution in Singapore that is 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

The Patrick & Daren research team experienced a breakthrough. A plant was discovered in the deserts of Northern Africa that had properties bearing similarities with natural human hair fiber. It is the only plant source that mimics the fiber in human hair. This is further supported by a negative electrical charge property found in the plant.

Since human hair is positively charged, the fibers negative charge attracts, causing them to merge with your natural hair forming a thicker and fuller head of hair. Others have tried to mimic the Patrick & Daren Hair Loss Solution by using sheep wool as their main ingredient. While wool feels similar to human hair, it is an inferior product. Wool is akin to hair growing on the human scalp, both carry positive electrical charges. With two positively charged properties, the end result is unnatural. Unlike our fiber, wool and human hair repel each other. This results in the wool easily falling out of your natural hair. This can result in even more embarrassment than not having hair in the first place.

So forget about all of the other hair loss treatments that don’t work and pick up the best – Patrick & Darin Hair Loss Solution. This won’t only save you both time and money, it will also save you from the pain and embarrassment of hair loss.

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